National Tsing-Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan2018.1 - present
  • M.Sc. Electrical Engineering
  • Vision Science Lab (VSLAB)
  • Advised by Prof. Min Sun
  • Concentrate on Computer Vision and Deep Learning researches
National Chiao-Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan2013.9 - 2017.6
  • B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
  • Concentrate on Autonomous Control and Robotics


Research Intern, Mediatek 2020.2 - Present
  • Computer Vision and Perception
Research Student, VSLAB - advised by Prof. Min Sun 2018.1 - Present
  • 360° Stereo Depth Estimation
  • 360° Monocular Planar Reconstruction
Contestant, Young Entrepreneurs of the Future, Epoch Foundation 2018.1 - 2018.07
  • Nationwide Startup Competition
  • Second Place in Garage Party
On-site Engineer, Atos 2017.08
  • 29th Summer Universiade Internet System Maintenance
Contestant, Tokyo Electron Limited Robot Combat, Tokyo Electron 2017
  • Robotic Construction/Combat Competition

Project Highlights

360° Planar Reconstruction
  • Presented a new 360◦ planar dataset as well as a new benchmark.
  • Implementation of deep neural network baselines with adaption to 360◦ images.
  • Presented a new planar representation to solve the 360◦ ground truth surface inconsistency.
  • Proposed several modifications for the adaptation of perspective methods in 360◦ data.
  • Presented a new 360◦ stereo dataset.
  • Implementation of deep neural network baselines as well as conventional methods.
  • Presented a deep nerual network with several novel modules for 360◦ stereo depth estimation.
  • Collection of horror scene data.
  • Implementation of CycleGAN for style transfer.
  • Implementation of LayoutNet for 360◦ layout reconstruction.
Design and implementation of Logistic UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
  • Design and implementation of UAV mechanism.
  • Design and implementation of unloading mechanism and motor control system.
  • Design of UAV surveillance system.
  • Demostration of UAV control for unseen location object unloading
Object Searching Robot Design
  • Design and implementation of KNR mechanism and ultrasonic avoidance system.
  • LabVIEW programming of motor control, sensor feedback and image processing.
Validation of The Lambda Method for Integer Ambiguity Estimation
  • Implementation of The Lambda Method for Integer Ambiguity Estimation with Matlab simulation.